Hayes & Conner

Talking To Myself

A story told over a day and a year with the full spectrum of colors and emotions

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arrivals & departures

In between of the days that passed, are parts of ourselves we may not get back. Untraceable remnants broken and rebuilt. Some thrown to the sky some torn apart.⠀

A more sensitive side that felt the moves and saw the good in everyone. Hurting and healing for others, before becoming walled off, cold and calloused. ⠀

An idealistic side that wouldn't settle. ⠀

A side that was ready for what was to come, believing in five years. But five years later when dreams became realities, a lack of courage kept them at arms length. Realized possibilities only for those with the conviction to act on what they believed. ⠀

A side that wanted to leave the right way, but didn't know how to say goodbye. Staying long after the boundaries were crossed. One. After another. After another. ⠀

A side that didn't want to be a let down, until the pressure overflowed when all that was held was let go. ⠀

A side that was convinced love was enough to overcome, proven wrong by how distance can lead others to become distant strangers. ⠀

A remaining open question. 

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Hayes & Conner are independent musicians from Chicago. The duo creates albums that explore the depth of relationships, emotions and how to find meaning in an increasingly complex world.

Filled with sorrow and joy, the unavoidable highs and lows of the space between, each album is a story, part of the journey of learning to trust, love and become.


the spirit of art

We believe that music is a gift. A gift that should be given generously without expectation of anything in return.

For that reason, all of our albums, all of our art, can be downloaded for free, as part of our effort to help restore the relationship that art should have with the world.

If you appreciate our music, or find any meaning in our work, all we ask is that you please , sign up for our mailing list to stay in touch, and if you truly care, consider making a donation to your local arts organization, so that others can have the opportunity to bring their gift into the world.

Once created, a gift should be set free, given unconditionally.

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stories on learning to love, trust & become