Hayes & Conner

Talking To Myself


Evan Graham Dunn

Production & Engineering, Mix, Bass, Drums & Percussion, Electric Guitar Lead on No Need To Feel Wrong, Various Instruments

Evan Rivera

Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Piano, Video Production & Editing

Alex Hayes

Album Concept, Story, Writings, Lyrics & Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Website Design & Development, City Sounds, Pictures, Album Art, Executive Production, Video Production & Editing


Evan Thanks

I would like to give special thanks to a couple people who have been very significant in the progress and support of this project.

I owe my musical expression and freedom to my parents. Thank you Mom and Dad for letting me play my music loud, even when It was late, and for letting me go to shows even though I know you were worried the entire time that I was doing drugs, which I wasn't. What I’m most grateful for is that you always were interested in, and supportive of my career. For that, I am truly grateful.

I would like to also thank my girlfriend, Sanela, who has stuck with me throughout this entire project, and encouraged both Alex and I to keep pursuing our dreams and to keep writing. I consider myself very lucky to have a girlfriend who not only supports what I do, but understands it as well. Thank you. I love you.

Evan G. Dunn was absolutely crucial in the development of this project. I am so fortunate to have worked with such a talented writer and producer. He has pushed me to become a better musician and to understand music on a different level.

Most importantly, I would like to thank my co-writer Alex for allowing me to contribute to this album. Without him, I wouldn't be the musician I am today. Thank you for always giving me a chance to challenge myself and pursue the dreams which I hold dearly. Thank you most of all for being my friend.

Alex Thanks

There is no way that this project would have come close to becoming reality without the generosity and support of many people.

Thank you to my parents: This album would not have happened without your patience, encouragement and support. Thanks for putting up with the noise when I was first learning guitar, for allowing me to practice for years in our basement without being overly restrictive or annoyed, and for helping me spend so much time around music when I was younger.

Thank you to my late grandma for not thinking I was crazy when I decided to follow my heart and make this album. I appreciate your unrelenting belief that I could create something meaningful, and I am so happy that I got to share the final version of it with you. Thanks for being able to see how the pieces fit together before there was anything to show.

Thanks to members of my extended family who unknowingly funded this album: Since I was young, I saved everything from birthdays, graduations, and holidays, and well, I finally found something I love to put it towards.

Thanks to our former band members for helping Evan and I grow as musicians. We would not have learned how to create music without your help and support through years of mistakes. Specifically, thank you to Johnny Gomolka and Kevin Donohue for listening to our album ahead of time to give us perspective, which is all too easy to lose in a project of this size.

Thanks to Jen Sherill and Johnny Amato, my former music mentors / teachers. The passion and presence that you shared with me was extremely generous. Although I was painfully shy when I began to play, which prevented me from coming close to my potential, I'm not sure I would have continued music in any capacity without your enthusiasm and encouragement.

Thank you to the many, many people that helped even if they didn't know it. Six months ago, I knew absolutely nothing about web-development, and the communities of codepen.io, w3 schools, stackoverflow, and github saved me -- particularly, the work of Brent Jackson. My approach to learning front-end development was the equivalent of slamming my head into a wall day-after-day, but, thankfully, you-all spared me a few headaches! There is no way, and I mean no way, that this website would be built without the direction, insights and discovery gained from those spaces.

Thank you Evan Graham Dunn, for excellent engineering and production, for playing drums and bass on the album, and for helping to guide the direction of our music. As this was the first time I ever sang in the studio, or on a record, thanks for being patient and understanding when I was struggling. Working with you helped Evan and I become much better musicians. Most of all, thanks for many fun moments in the studio!

Thank you Evan for sticking with me through years of making music: the ups and downs, the never quite finishing, the potential unrealized, and the finally starting to put the pieces together. Some of the best times I've had in my life were during the song writing process with you. I am grateful for those moments as they were exceptional.

Finally, thank you to anyone who listens, loves, feels, appreciates, or finds meaning in the album. If it helps you in any way, that's more than I could hope for!

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