City Lights


City Lights

You say you want to make a change,

you don't know how

You say you want to take a chance,

you're scared to find out

You've been in the same place once before

Until you learn you're on your own


Annoyance is the blind spot

Misinterpreting and withdrawing

Letting the fear take hold

Stopping the suspension of self for the reemergence of noise.

Annoyance is an amplified spiral down

Uncomfortable and unkind

Needing answers instead of uncertainty

Ending learning and the journey.

Annoyance is failing to take the next step

Replaying and returning

"Why am I doing this again"

An unrelenting tension.

Annoyance is an insecurity

Overcritical and under loving

Never seeing itself in another

Never seeing both sides of the frame.

Annoyance is running away

It's running away...

Annoyance is losing courage right before the breakthrough

Forever standing on the breakpoint

Delaying too long, while not waiting long enough

Knowing "it's over," but it has just started.