Goodbye, Goodbye


Goodbye, Goodbye

Expectations got to high

And disappointment is sure to rise

The first time finding all the flaws

You can't ignore the boundaries crossed

Emotions turn, you change your mind

Never really feeling satisfied

As distance grows

I should have known

There's no good reason to hold on

And I can see it, in your eyes tonight

I know that something deep down

Doesn't seem right

So if you turn away

We won't be the same

If you turn away

It means goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye

So let's start over again

And abandon what might have been

End the connection we began to make

Standing on the edge of heartbreak

With building pressure that's unbearable

And endless silence that steals our words

When what you love, you come to resent

It's a consequence of moving too fast

You can't force something that's not meant to be

And true love doesn't love reluctantly

Your holding back, half of yourself

You were prepared to let go before you got to close

Is This Goodbye?

JANUARY 8, 11:11PM

Is this goodbye?

It was goodbye. I could tell by the look in her eyes. She knew too. Why even ask the question? For me to confirm her intentions? Rejection, a reaction, an interruption, or a distraction, or...

It didn't matter.

I'd have seconds, minutes, days, and months to go through each state. To leave and return, to wonder, and...

Leave. I needed to leave, and she, well she was gone before I knew it...

In many ways, it was fitting. Or as close to perfect as you can get.

In spaces like that, it's ironic because the moment passes before it can be understood, but stays with you long enough to become...

Your history. I guess that's change. Or a pattern replayed until it's your time.

And the space between...

That's for annoyance, shortcomings, mistakes, heartbreak, and everything that was missed, and will be missing...