It's Always You


It's Always You

Across town familiar street signs are leading her home, it's alright

I'm downtown aboard the redline that's taking me home, tonight

I was unaware, and so unprepared

You caught my attention

As interest builds, and kindness spills

I'll give you my affection

Worn out from the day's grind, and ready to unwind, it's alright

Our paths cross, collide, we're intertwined, when I realize

I'm thinking, yeah I am scared, but I know that you care

We might fit together

But it doesn't seem so hard when you're what I'm thinking of

I'll let you into my world

It's always you. I'm waiting on you

You. I'm waiting on you

Well we can slow down

And take our time

And if we slow down

It will work out just fine

Said we can slow down

And take our time

And if we slow down...

It's always you. I'm waiting on you

You. I'm waiting on you

It Hit Me


I was on the way home when it hit me. I was intrigued, my imagination fully captivated. The change took me by surprise. Similar to the first hints of winter, I missed the early signs and signals, only recognizing what happened long after it had occurred -- I am usually the last to know.

Coats had already replaced summer's colors, just as the night's breeze braught a different meaning. Busy adjusting to the new scheme, I missed what was right in front of me, how I was truly feeling. With time, I stopped listening to my smooth, deliberate voice -- the voice of logic and reason. It couldn't help. Instead, I listened to my heart, body and soul.

A connection was starting to form: The magical, exceptional, more to this world, do anything for another, entirely mad, completely devoted to, sweet connection. If it went well, the connection might even move beyond, beyond connected to intertwined: The mixed up together, part of each other. The Talking to Myself because no one else understands. The wait that I'd repeat again.

After all, when intuition says that's it, whatever it is, that's it. Speaking to my history and desire, to today and tomorrow. When the pull arrives, it's both exciting and terrifying, but it's the pull, and it must be trusted.