If you go on the run, looking for someone

The people you used to be

Now don't you go get lost

Living in those thoughts

Of all the youthful memories

And all of your childhood dreams


Apprehension is a comparison and a final round of fear.

It shows the places you have been,

And tells you that you cannot do better.

Stubborn and unsettling

Suspicious and alarming.

It asks: what if you were wrong?

What if you don't get another opportunity?

What if you repeat the same mistakes?

What if...

Apprehension is a reaction to your history

It's the residual effects...

A delay

Turned to I'm not sure

Turned to I shouldn't,

Turned to I couldn't,

Turned to I won't,

Turned to never

Turned to it's settled

To overcome apprehension and move to love and unconditional

You must learn to trust yourself again.