Monday Morning


Monday Morning

Monday morning rolled around

Feeling hopeless and down

I'll pick myself up by the evening

Friday morning came about

Feeling tired, worn out

I'll pick myself up by the weekend

Cause I can see through

To what's ahead of me


Acceptance is not about what's wrong or right

It's about the truth

When the rationalizations stop

And the layers are pushed aside

Once the defense mechanisms are stripped

All that's left is honesty

"This happened, I'm not happy about it

But there will be no growth until it's said"

Acceptance understands and can speak about the undercurrents

What the heart knows, but avoids because it may hurt

It's brave enough to say, "This is my fault"

That hiding is one of the worst forms of being selfish

That there is someone better for you, just as there is someone better for me

That we both can move on, and be...