Every time I think I'm coming round

You find a way to bring me down

With every single second that goes by

I begin to question why

And every time I think it's past

Then comes the second guessing

It's enough to drive me mad

A mind that starts to fill with doubts

Becomes too much to overcome

An endless cycle to unwind

I'll just stop, and let go

Though, I know

That, I'll have

To, start again



Regression is a trap

A slip back to old habits.

A misguided anger

That over-powers the "I know better."

Regression says it acts to protect and care for others.

When it's a selfish lie that moves to protect itself.

It shows up when the storm is supposed to have passed,

It starts small and builds slowly.

Then suddenly, all at once,

A return to that same place...

That place that scares you.