Unconditional Love


Unconditional Love

There's something I might never find

The love, the heart that lies inside

And the simple life I'd love to lead

Gets lost in complexities

But I believe

In an unconditional love

And I will see it through

Until the end

Until the end


Emptiness can arrive at any time

It takes

It can only take, that's all it knows

It's a hollow, desolate, unforgiving

A haunting, defeating, relentless nothing

A reminder of each and every mistake

The worst kind of alone

Not collected and reflective

But a spiraling destructive

It's the broken down, had enough,

The crack in determination,

The accident in dedication, the break in relationship

The moment after heartbreak that reminds you

There is no one to hold, or help, or care, or love

But empty

Indefinitely incomplete