Recording: Day 5

Yes, yesterday was day 5 of recording Talking To Myself. The album is coming along very nicely. 

I made an effort to live in the moment, enjoy the process, and love the music. That's what it's about. That and connecting, telling a story, and being honest. 

Who knows if we will ever get back here. Who knows how it will turn out. There are endless questions, but the future only speaks in tomorrows. Since most things make sense, why try to figure it out when deep down we already know anyway. 

I am very thankful that we've had the opportunity to work with Evan Dunn Graham. The making of the entire album has been a collaborative process, and his insights, experience, and creativity have made it very enjoyable. 

The challenge for any musician, any artist, is to stretch the boundaries of the possible. While we are not reinventing songwriting, changing the trajectory of rock-music, or developing a new sound, I am happy that we are taking chances in our own unique way. Since it's about the long-road, and since overcoming fear is a dance, it gives me hope that whatever comes next after this record will be much more risky. Slowly, we are stepping out of our shell, becoming more of ourselves each day, and growing into who we wanted to be all along (who we already were).