A Leap of Faith

Taking a leap of faith is always difficult. Uncertainty is unbelievably creative at maintaining the status quo - it finds ways to reduce difference. The negative side of uncertainty senses weakness and creates the frames to reveal only the side of the story that can extend complacency. In the process, it plays on fear: fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of change, fear of making something that matters, and fear of staying committed and the arduous process it implies. 


Every time that possibility, opportunity, openness, importance, or transformation could happen - the moments that matter the most - the negative side of uncertainty will do everything it can to negate change. This applies to both macro and micro events - relationships, forming new habits, really truly caring, deciding to become what you are, sharing, social change, innovation, or political processes. It shows up by criticizing, saying cannot, replaying the idea of not good enough, extending the decision making process long enough so that nothing happens, maximizing the size and potential consequences of choices to make it harder to begin, introducing distance, reducing the potential of the human spirit, or worse, pushing stereotypes, narcissism, and hedonism. The negative side of uncertainty says why wait for something that may not show up for years when safety and familiarity are present right now. Safety is what it is most concerned with, but because all growth happens by embracing the unfamiliar, the negative side of uncertainty does the opposite of what it says. In the long run, despite promising safety, it's a killer of the brightness and colors of the soul, of the evolving versatile nature of personalities, the depth of emotions, and the wonder of learning. 


Today is a day of uncertainty and mistakes: We are taking the leap of faith that new features will be added by the time this album launches; We are taking a leap of faith that it will mean something to someone; We are taking the leap of faith that we can continue to be committed to the music making process even with added miles; We are taking the leap of faith that the pull will bring us back together. More than anything, we are taking a leap of faith that there will be a reason and a path; that the questions will have answers, or at least lead to deeper questions; and that, even if only momentarily, alone will replaced by connection for all to enjoy.