Trust the Process

Somedays I feel anxious - I am filled with restless energy. That's when I forget to trust the process and delay gratification. 

Why can't I see the results of the work I have done?

When is this album going to be complete? 

When am I going to get a response back from so-and-so regarding this-or-that?

How can nothing be happening?

Then I slow down and remember that the more complex projects started, the more that additional projects can be accomplished. Complex projects always have downtime between highlights. Of course, it's best to be creating, planning, and pushing forward in that space. A good leader rarely runs around disjointed, but rather is often in a state of flow. Those with no time off have not sufficiently prepared. 

Time between highlights can be used to stay in motion and do other complex projects - a multiplier effect. Move without the ball and soon it will come back to you. The best way to remove tension from the situation is to work on something else; reassurance and reframing helps too. Is it really a life and death matter, or rather an event that will be looked at as nothing more than a speed-bump interruption.

If you put in the work, the commitment, and edit relentlessly, the good will come. Oh, and completely get rid of waiting because waiting is the hardest part.