Yes and No

When building, creating, writing, making music, traveling, or learning, use the bare minimum with regards to equipment and technology.


Say no to:


Anything expensive, high quality amps or musical instruments, good speakers, the latest bells and whistles, anything that is unneeded or not essential, gatekeepers, elites, advice from people that are middlemen, yes-men, and short-cuts.


Say yes to:


A cheap mic, broken guitars, a pen and paper, drawing by hand, an extra hour of trying, finding your breaking point and going beyond it by delaying gratification, single-take demos, practice with a click-track, bedroom recordings, and meaningful critique.




It will make you real. When the mask is off and there is no place to hide, the options are quit and do something else or get better.


To be more accurate: practice, be really bad, practice, be a little less bad, practice, build confidence, practice, start to sound good, practice, sound like you do on recordings, practice, find and sound like yourself, practice, open space for others.