Off Guard

Last Friday was a terribly difficult day in the studio. It was a day when nothing went right.

Thinking about it, the predicament could have been avoided. For true professionals, days like Friday are unacceptable. Sure, no one can have a great day every day. For example, in most sports, winning two of three is enough to ensure greatness (implying the best lose one of three). Still, even when it doesn't go right, the pros know not to panic or take it personally. They know to grind it out because their luck will turn around. Most of all, they know how to stop the downward spiral if there is the slightest indication it could begin. The spiral is when one negative thought leads to another. It's a waste of energy because it is a distraction. Instead, accept the negative event as part of the growth process and move forward.

So, what was unacceptable? Not being entirely prepared. It was upsetting that not much was accomplished on Friday. It is not alright to waste others time or energy.  The preparation from here forward has to be much greater because today was an embarrassment -- thankfully it was a small scale failure. Heck, we all have to take our bumps and bruises.

That said, as there will always surprises, preparation is needed to smooth out the ups-and-downs. If not adequately prepared, the ups and downs will turn into mountains and valleys. In that terrain, greatness is lost. That's where the labels has a lot of unrealized potential, seems to be unlucky, and, is often caught off guard can be found. Those that are prepared never face those labels because they refuse to get stuck when difficulty arises - they have all the tools necessary to overcome the unknown and have anticipated the difficulties. Why get stuck? Why face avoidable pain?

Try harder and plan to be overly prepared.