This is the beginning, the release of the first song from our album. Alive is our song for October, and in many ways, the feel of the song sums up how we feel today: appreciative, energetic, and grateful to have the opportunity to share our music with you! Yet, at the same time, in the spirit of the song, we are full of questions, and ready to explore the possibilities of what this project might become.


Talking to Myself is a story lived over a day and a year, with the full spectrum of colors and emotions. It is told chronologically, and while the project is designed for each song and story, each interlude and emotion, to be able to stand alone, it's much more meaningful when the pieces are put together. If you'd like to understand the entire story, you might want to start from the beginning!


For the next year, we will release songs and interludes month-by-month. Each song, corresponds with a month of the year, each interlude with an emotion. We will also release stories and emotion entries that correspond to the music. Aside from releasing the project, we hope to show how we got here by posting some of the work that went into it, the behind-the-scenes details that many artists never show. 


 That's all for now. We will be in touch soon!