Our Process (Pt 1)

Macro (album/ project/ lifetime)

1) What are the moral and ethical implications?
2) Why are we doing it? Who does it help?
3) Is it real? Can it help us get closer to making something real?
4) What are the conditions for success? How do we create them?
5) Who needs to be involved?
6) How can we build? How do we zoom out and in?
7) What's the first step? How fast can we start?
8) Go, but one thing at a time.
9) What do we now know?
10) What is now possible?


Micro (day-to-day)
1) Are we still committed to taking the long road?
2) How does it fit in the big picture?
3) How do we begin today? How fast can we start?
4) Did we show up today?
5) Did we connect today?