Sent With Love

As the sun begins to set on a beautiful day in Chicago, I'm wrapping it up by preparing a few orders to be sent out into the world. This part of the process that's very enjoyable, very exciting: there is something incredible about connecting with others, anxiously checking maps to see where our music is going, and then releasing it, sending it across the country, knowing that there is another person waiting for its arrival. One of the reasons we make art, a reason that keeps us going when it gets hard, is knowing that what we do may help others, that our music might be meaningful to them. 

So, more than anything, I love preparing orders because each represents an opportunity to help, a chance to fulfill one of the most important reasons we create. We are very grateful for those moments, grateful that others -- that YOU -- care enough to support us!  

Whenever our album is purchased, we put special effort into the process: we personally package the record, ship it, and do our best to connect. Each and every one of our albums is sent with love, from us to YOU!

If you'd like a copy, click the photo below!