Mixed Messages Day 35: Without a Destination

I'm in a good place, excited and happy. Over the past week, I kicked the funk of our first album. Finishing and releasing it, left me with a deep feeling of loss, like part of my personality was missing. Combined with trying to reestablish the pace and rhythm of writing, it was a bit overwhelming. That feeling is gone.

One of the reasons why happiness returned is because I dropped the idea of a destination. When we were writing our first album, I loved every moment of it. After it was released, I lost perspective thinking about how to get our album to the people that could benefit from listening to it -- the people it could help. That desire created a destination. A destination can lower happiness because it creates an expectation, and expectations create comparisons. My unhappiness was as large as the space between where we were, and the destination I had in mind, between how many people we reached, and how many people I thought it could help. What a mistake. Thinking that way created pressure, pulling focus from the joy of creation.

Joy unlocks the imagination. As my happiness increases, so does my creative confidence. Once feeling the positive energy, I take more risks, and with risks come better songs. Following that realization, I've dropped the destination, trading it for appreciation. We are lucky to be able to create. We are lucky to be able to connect. We are lucky to be able to share our gift with others.

And as for writing Mixed Messages, it's fun again!