Mixed Messages Day 43: Second Chances

I'm recording with a pair of earbuds. One is broken, frayed from overuse. I refuse to throw them away or get another pair. They've been with me since we started this album, and I intend on keeping them until the end.

The lights are low, and I'm lost in the glow. My thoughts are spinning, rearranging, and connecting. The words come at night, never during the day. My heart opens at night, that's when I stop judging and start feeling.

Evan and I wrote a song this afternoon. Our song writing ability is improving. Each practice we take a step forward, and it feels good. We have almost made it back to where we were last summer. My hope is that we reach our potential. We have yet to come close. We will get there if we play continuously for an entire year. We've been close before, but life interrupts as it always does.

For the past week and a half, I've had my doubts about completing Mixed Messages. The story just didn't have a hold on me the way did when I lived it. I've thought many times that maybe it would be best to throw it away, to leave it alone. But today,tonight, it came alive again. And suddenly the album I thought may be a lost cause has a renewed a reason to be made. A second chance to be given away.