Mixed Messages Day 44: Recovering

The colors were swirling. Dancing purples, pinks and blues signaled the changing of the season.

When I woke up, I noticed my voice was exceptionally tight from yesterday. By this evening, it was better, but not quite right. Part of making the album is pacing. I need to remember to push, but not push too hard. Making steady progress is better than trying to do too much during a marathon session at the risk of becoming incapacitated or injured, unable to practice or record for several weeks after.

Completing a writing session during the day and recording session at night is what did it. Though I learned I can make it through a double session, recovery is necessary.

With that in mind, I put in some miles and enjoyed a Fall afternoon. We don't get many evenings where the colors dance. I'm grateful when they arrive. The sense of calm they share helps recovery. The sense of calm they share helps reminds me of what's important.