Mixed Messages Day 49: Sit With It

When doubt hits, sit with it.

East bound, early. We weren't getting anywhere but were convinced it mattered. I stopped that tendency. What's the point of going in circles? Pick a direction and never look back. A step removed shows all that's usually missed. When sucked in, when too close, all the irrelevant details are visible providing a fog over the essentials, clouding out the real signals.

When plans fall through, sit with it.

Got the news later in the night. It goes fast. Excitement is replaced with setbacks. Slowly, either the fire is extinguished or the pressure is ratcheted up so high that it becomes too much. That's what it feels like when chasing a dream: Give up and the colors are replaced with a gray scale, or push forward and sacrifice yourself to the tension.

 When it doesn't make sense, sit with it.

Six months ago, I started a song. It didn't make sense, so I let it linger. Those open ends are never finished. I picked it up again a few hours ago and the words arrived in a flood. Through the rush came the missing meaning. Though I didn't expect to wait so long, the wait was worth it. I knew it would come eventually. Pleasant patience.

It might seem pointless. There might be setbacks. But if you follow your heart long enough, you'll wind up where you need to be. That's the way it works. Don't give up too early. Sit with it.