Mixed Messages Day 56: Open Arms

All along I was searching for something I wasn't meant to find...


We made progress. It started Tuesday when we were writing. There was no click, no recording gear, no structure. Those things turn creativity into mechanics, turn free flow into pressure. We deliberately separate writing from recording. Each takes place in a different room, as each occupies a different space. Physically forcing ourselves to move between them reinforces the idea.


We followed up by practicing the song for thirty minutes this afternoon, playing and replaying it to add polish. And twenty-five minutes in, most of it felt good. But as we made the transition to recording, there was a hanging dissatisfaction so slight it was almost unnoticeable. Each step between the rooms was filled with the unsettling feeling of an unknown that we wanted to know. One part had yet to explain itself. The next two hours were spent searching.


Passing by a love that was wide and growing over time...


In writing, like in relationships, there is no right, even though there can be a wrong. In place of definites, there are shades, each representing a different direction, inspiration and response. The struggle is choosing. There are stages and thresholds. Once past wrong, it's about making a decision that amplifies an emotion, instead of one that tiptoes around it.


For the small section in question, we have yet to get past wrong. It's most likely that what we are looking for is right in front of us. If true, why complicate what already feels right?


Your open arms...