Mixed a Messages Day 58: Trust

I spent the afternoon thinking about our writing process and how open it has become. Aside from being able to connect with others through our music, the open process is what makes me the most happy. On Thursday, it occurred to me how much the discussion changed over the years. We are to the point where any suggestion is welcome because, when working on a song, we are all struggling with the same set of creative problems. It's exciting because we might each solve them in a different way. The combination of the differences is what keeps the music fresh.


But what does trust mean creatively?


Trust means that any one of us be forward when part of the music isn't good enough. We've put in the hard work to create a safe space. And with a safe space, we can have difficult conversations. That's because it's never a question of talent or ability. Instead, it's asking for a little bit more, allowing curiosity to question the emotion, and if it's strong enough. The difference between the two positions is enormous. The first is a personal and an emotional attack while the second is an invitation to work together to create better art.


Trust means that credit is less important than connection and change. In spaces without trust, credit crowds out both. When we unable to trust, we can't possibly work together to reach our full potential. With trust, the conversation moves towards how to move others. With such a shift comes a focus on making meaningful dialogues that can help others by raising necessary questions and sharing relevant stories.


Trust means understanding that we don't need to worry about accountability because each of us is always trying to resolve an internal tension that exists in a space that's almost unreachable. By trusting each other, we trust the effort of one another. No questions need to be asked about motivation or drive because it's easy to see: When working on a section that doesn't feel right, a cringed face a few hours into practice speaks louder than words.


When we trust those we are creating with, we make room for incredible transformation. Without trust, we can't even begin a conversation. There might be talking, but it's talking at, not talking with. It's about taking more space, not making room for others to respond with their unique voice.