Mixed Messages Day 37: Circles, Part 2

It's said that we have between 50,000 and 70,000 thoughts a day, but most people think the same ones, repeatedly.

During today's session, I noticed that circling is a helpful method to use when writing, but it can also lead to becoming stuck. It's the equivalent to replaying the same internal monologue daily, trading evolution for repetition. That's where the same chord progression, the same song structure is used over and over again. That's when the music gets stale.

It's important to return to what was started, but to continue moving forward. It sounds simple, but in practice it's quite difficult. There was a reason I stopped writing Mixed Messages #25. Many problems arrived near the second chorus, and I caught myself trying to add a descending chord progression to the song that was the same one I've used writing two other tracks. Of course, I could revert to what I know, finishing the song the same way I have before, but I wouldn't grow as a musician.

Effective circling is about progression. Song writing, like any good relationship, thrives on having a solid foundation, but experimenting to retain the element of surprise -- the unexpected turns that make us feel, and take away monotony associated with going through the motions.

Come back to the work, but try unconventional ideas at the risk of feeling uncomfortable. Repeating the same thought same form of thinking won't make it better.