Mixed Messages Day 63: Terrifying Conversations

We made it to the studio today to visit our producer, Evan Graham Dunn. We heard his stories about playing shows in Europe. Travel, community and connection. Such wonderful meaning. We've now completed the first step of recording. I'm hopeful, but dragging my feet. There's a restless energy and a glaring truth. We've got work to do.


Once home, I questioned music. I had a forty-five minute conversation about it. The conversation was circular. It ended where it began. Seven times. I'm particularly stressed, which didn't help. Fear is asking me how much I love it.


When this mood appears sometimes I'll go on a side tangent, reading the works of overly descriptive authors, and asking why they waste the effort to be so articulate. Specific and verbose has the unique ability to draw a picture, while also destroying the angles. The angles make it interesting. A new discovery with each view. That's love. An unwinding surprise, uneasily defined.


Deep down I love it as much as anything. But I'm wearing a mask today, easily distracted. Fear has added a few layers, diluting the excitement.


The truth... We've got work to do. 
We've got work to do.