Mixed Messages Day 38: Unconventional

It starts with the unconventional. Now, I've dropped all ideas of judgement. This is a dangerous, but wonderful space. It's dangerous because I no longer know if the music is good or not. It's wonderful because I don't know if it's good or not. I'm not judging in real-time, but creating without worry. Once that part of reality is suspended, the music becomes less predictable, it becomes fresh.

I find that I need a certain level of crazy in my life to suspend judgement. I need to take risks, and move beyond what's safe. When I do, it spills over to songwriting, freeing my mind to explore, instead of asking, "What will others think of the song?" So in order to help the music, I've been regularly doing unconventional things in my day to day life -- never malicious, but certainly weird. I find the the more odd it gets, the more I'm able to forget the normal constraints. As I forget the constraints I get a certain uncontrollable excitement. And whenever the excitement shows up, I know I'm onto something.

It's a big week ahead. Mixed Messages #25 should be complete by Thursday.