Mixed Messages Day 39: The Struggle

When it gets tough, let the struggle show you what's important.

Evident by re-reading the most recent writing, I've hit the first struggle. There are a series of them with anything that's important, and this album is no different. Struggling happens for many reasons, but there are two that are currently on my mind:

The first is self-created pressure, a from of trying to hard. Giving consistent effort is a must, but trying to hard may do more harm than good. Self-created pressure is often a form of self-criticism in advance. In some instances, it's rejecting yourself before anyone else is given the chance. I find the way to overcome it, is to change from a mindset of perfection to mastery. Mastery means getting many attempts, so one miss won't be the end of the world, just a step towards the next breakthrough.

The second form of struggle is related to not knowing what you're doing. Uncertainty can be overwhelming. When struggling with the unknown, I remember each instance when I didn't know what I was doing, but it worked out anyway. I still have no idea how to write. I have no idea how to make music. I have no idea how to create. But, if I show up consistently, for long enough, good things usually happen. The decision is a mental one. Most of the time, I feel uncomfortable, look like a fool, but continue anyway. By acknowledging such conditions before starting, the struggle dissipates.

Though the struggle with self created pressure and not knowing has been higher than usual, I'll keep the writing and music going. I will not stop until we finish our album.