Mixed Messages Day 40: A Mystery

We worked through the issue. Mixed Messages #25 is complete. Though it's not perfect, a draft is done.

But that's not what I'm excited about. I'm excited that, after finishing #25, we went back to Mixed Messages #24, a song we started two weeks ago, but never completed. During the first pass, we recorded the intro and verse. After making the initial demo, we were thrilled. We ran outside, and listened to it in the car to see if it sounded good on normal speakers. Then, somewhere in the shuffle, we forgot about it.

The song was a mystery, captivating but elusive. With mysteries, it's always a matter of how long you're willing to feel unsettled during the search. It's trading other opportunities for a possibility that may not arrive.

#24 had one main idea, one main hook, but after it, we didn't know where it would go. Traditionally, when we don't know what to do, we write verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus, outro. But with this album, we aren't settling. We are trying to mix artistry with the hooks. Still, the song had us stuck.

Evan put down his guitar, signaling that our luck may have been up. Then, I played it one more time to wrap up, and suddenly, it made sense. As we've been writing together for over ten years, we know when we are on to something, we know how to play off each other. He quickly picked up his guitar, and we wrote. The session wasn't over. Ten minutes later, we had a song. Though it's not done, we are close.

Understanding the mystery is similar to a discovery, a momentary release. When they say creatives experience the highest of highs, it's associated with this feeling. We called practice feeling uplifted and bright.

What will the next mystery be?