Mixed Messages Day 41: Renewal, Part Two

The act of renewal is a chance to begin again.

My mind was distracted, chasing thoughts about work to be completed, how behind I am, and a seemingly endless list of next steps. It started last night. I think that we are called to art, spaces and relationships. There are some that won't let us go. Since February, I've had an idea for a writing project, but need to dedicate at least more two sessions to competing it. It's a project that refuses to fade. I went to bed frustrated that I had yet to send it into the world. The tense energy spilled over to the morning, through the afternoon, and into the evening. Then five minutes ago, my feelings shifted. That's when I remembered...

The act of renewal is a chance to give.

As soon as I reframed it as an opportunity to give, the weight was lifted. Giving helps us to try harder by taking down walls, and connecting us to a bigger meaning.

With the frustration removed, with the two hours left before bed, I'll finally get to prepping Mixed Messages #24, creating the conditions to make sure that tomorrow's session is positive. For the next two hours, it will be low lights, beats, and bass. If I'm lucky the music will remind me that...

The act of renewal is a chance to become more of myself.

Behind who we've been socialized to become, behind what we've been rewarded for, behind the masks is who we really are. Music has the power to help us become more of ourselves.

Is there any greater feeling than that?