Mixed Messages 78: Dates

The intensity is higher. We have six months to finish writing our double album, and twelve months to record it. We have six months to raise the money to fund it. The dates are set. I'm committed. There is no way to avoid it.


It's been nearly four months since Evan moved back to Chicago. While it's been good to have him back, we are not as focused as we were when we made our first record. I've noticed it in our failure to complete a single song. Finishing requires being relentless, removing distractions, and refusing to start another idea until reaching the last note of the first. That drive has been missing, but it's about to change. With the dates set, the energy and pace will follow.


If a decision wasn't made, we could debate the project for the rest of our lives... We could wait for the rest of our lives. Sure there are scary questions: How will the songs turn out? Where will we get the money? What can we do better? And while the specifics may be uncertain, there's a destination. One way or another, we will get there... No matter what it takes.