Mixed Messages 72: Upfront

Before I'd hide the details. Afraid. Before I thought I had to do it all. Afraid. Before I'd speak without complete conviction. Afraid. Before I was overly concerned about perception. Afraid. Before I'd panic and let the downward spiral take all that was good. Afraid. Before I missed opportunities because of what each might mean. Afraid. Before I gave up In February after twenty plus rejections. Afraid. Before I let tension fill my body and mind until each millisecond was analyzed in real time. Afraid. Before I never gave the art a chance because it felt like each negative comment was a personal reflection on my worth and contribution to the space. Afraid.


Before stays, but we've changed. In our latest, we were upfront. I have no idea if it will work out, but I've never felt better.


Artists aren't born, they become. We are on our way...