Draft writing for reflections

It's summer, the last days of summer and I am trying to play catch up. Around 1pm, snowflakes started to fall, illuminating the room, tying together memories and energy. At first one, than many. Soon I was lost, caught in meaning. Shortly after, the skies cleared and my heart welcomed the flood of light. I drifted into the unknown, greeting uncertainty with open arms. It was time to stop hiding. 


Sirens rang and a dog was barking in the background. The slow hum of city hovered above, sighing and singing, merging together countless conversations. It was bigger than all of us. It told me it would be here much longer than I would. The city changed at a third of the pace of a human life, holding a collection of visitors and their narratives for eternity, replacing one face with another, giving the story of each elder to each newcomer. Known before grown, site specific. 


And she was the distance. Close enough to be real but hard to hold. It only mattered that we were heading in the same direction. Magnificent significance. I headed out to the horizon and said goodbye and hello at the same time.