When No One Shows Up

No one showed up. In the first week, not one person felt a strong enough connection to our art to download our album for free. It would be easy to give up. It would be reasonable to walk away. The frustration is not based on ego, but instead it's because we have yet to earn the privilege to help others. 


When no one shows up, it's not personal. It means there's something we don't understand. It means we haven't given enough back. It means we haven't been brave enough to walk to a ledge and jump. It means that part of us is still hiding, playing it safe. It means that we haven't had the courage to be forward. 


Most of all it means that we have an opportunity to try again. If we keep trying, eventually we will reach those that we have a responsibility to help.




Mixed Messages / Reflections Day 4


August 31


It's hard to grind away at the same album every day. At least once a week, I find it beneficial to rest my mind. By moving to another idea, my brain and heart solve the other problems they are wrestling with, unconsciously. Normally, once I come back, I discover fresh insights without much effort. Struggling may be necessary, but I appreciate the gentle work that occurs behind the scenes the most. 


For that reason, today, I am taking a break from Mixed Messages / Reflections to focus on our other album, Transitions. It's an album that sits between each one of our concept albums. If each of our albums is a story about a life stage, Transitions is the space between. It's represents a liminal state, neither here nor there, where it's unclear what will come next, and what will change. 


The space between is often where we get stuck, where we struggle. This happens because our identity becomes ungrounded, and uncertainty replaces our established rhythms. When entire foundations are questioned, there are no guarantees. From my experience it's the place of being completely alive and completely afraid. 


Though it cannot last forever, the space between is as powerful and telling as the stages it separates.