Doing Instead of Waiting

It's best not to wait. It could be waiting for a call, a person you want to change, or the feedback you'd like to receive. In each instance, our mind creates the story it hopes will happen, and builds anticipation until the tension is resolved. Worrying while waiting is part of the process, as countless questions arise. 


Did I say to much?

Did she understand what I meant? 

Should I reach out again to try and explain further?

Should I be concerned? 


It's prudent not to wait for many reasons. Magical thinking rarely materializes to much more than disappointment. Waiting turns to long term regret. Waiting makes bad music and art. Waiting derails momentum. Waiting interrupts rythym. Waiting extinguishes drive by slowly chipping away at the confidence needed to move forward.


The way to create the impossible is to make more opportunities. And opportunities require action.


With that said, anything that's worth doing takes time. Being patient is different from waiting. Patience is noble and commendable. It's for professionals that value relationships and want to make a difference.


Don't wait. Be patient.




Mixed Messages / Reflections Day 5


September 1


Evan and I practiced today. It was a short burst. We hope to play shows starting in November, which is not that far away. Earlier in the week, we got a preview of just how close it is when the skies were overcast and the temperature dipped into the 50s. For that reason, we have no time to waste, no time to wait.


I'll admit it, I've been holding back. That's what scars do. They make us timid, unwilling to expend energy without a reason, afraid to repeat the same mistakes. If I was stronger, I would have continued to carry momentum, moving at the previous pace. And by now, we would be further along. Doubts erode progress, and February was when the doubts took hold.


The other reason I have been holding back because I was trying to rest before starting the next marathon. No one starts a long journey exhausted because the it would end in disaster. I know that to complete these albums will take every piece of my soul. 50 tracks in total, with lyrics to be crafted, parts to be perfected, unlimited tension, and story lines to be untangled. That's not including the book that needs to be written, or the website that needs to be built. And It all needs to make sense. The layers have to work together to make the complex, simple.


Complex-simplicity is the best design concept. Clean and easily understood on the outside, with layers and layers of depth. No outward distractions and nothing that's unnecessary, but a new meaning to discover when looked at from each angle, with each conversation, with each listen.


Complex-simplicity is the design principle we carry in all of our art.