Mixed Messages Day 22: Quiet Confidence

Quiet confidence is a sign of wisdom and strength. The boisterous are often false prophets, trying to convince themselves as much as anyone else. After the layers are stripped away, many times there's nothing to support the scheme.


Let substance do the talking. The rest is noise.




I'm trying too hard. I recognized it an hour into writing. During most sessions, I do my best to let the music come to me, but not every attempt goes well.


Writing is a delicate balance between committing to the ritual of showing up every day, but understanding not to use force. If the music doesn't arrive after an hour or two, it's probably not going to happen. Enough attention needs to be given to move to a state of flow, but demands cannot be made. Working this way means it takes us longer to make an album than it should, but it also means that our songs won't become disasters, haphazardly put together out of desperation. The use of force in any art normally breaks something. The stress creates pressure, pressure creates the unsustainable, and eventually, the cracks become evident. 


After recognizing that I was using force instead of the serendipitous, I stepped back, ended my writing session early, and moved on to other projects. Tomorrow's another opportunity to let the music explain itself.