The Long Con

We are planning a long con. All artists are up to something, aren't they? Our long con is this: we want to share our music with all the people that can benefit from it. Nothing more, nothing less. It's our hope it can help others. In the process, we are trying to create art spaces for others to share their gifts with the world. It's all an attempt to answer the following question: how can we create platforms that allow others to do the work and benefit from the journey, from what's created?


Change doesn't happen because an idealist is dropped into a community. Change happens because a community reshapes itself. That erases doubts because there is no magical person to point to as the reason for change. Community members can only point to themselves, working together.


This question should be the focus of all art, and all attempts to create change.




Mixed Messges Day 6


September 2


What will be the first song on our album? It's the question of the day. I thought it was a closed question, but uncertainty remains. 


For months, a song was slotted in as a natural opener. But as we speak, there are already seven versions of it, and none are satisfying. Live, it fits beautifully. Recorded, it doesn't carry the emotion it should. How many more rewrites need to happen before it tells us what it's supposed to be? How much longer should I let it cause discomfort before giving up, before moving on?


I guess some songs aren't sure if they want to be songs. Some songs aren't for the world. They are meant to remain imperfect and incomplete. Making the decision to ditch a song with potential is one of the hardest decisions to make. The potential is what's exciting. My mind gets carried away with how well it could fit, with how it could set the tone for what follows. Then, I listen to it recorded and reality hits. It's not good enough to send into the world. Almost, but not quite.


Almost is a frustrating space.