Mixed Messages Day 26: Out of the Shadows

Courage is bringing forward what scares you, bringing it of the shadows. The outcome may not work out, but it's better than the opposite, hiding in them. More than anything, moving out of the shadows brings closure. Holding patterns are a form of psychological toucher. Being able to move forward, knowing, opens the heart to happiness, clears the mind, and relaxes the body.

Practice, practice, practice. We spent the afternoon working hard to tighten our set list. We are planning on playing a show in the next month or two. It will represent a big step forward. I'm excited. We have three or four songs ready to go, but still need to add a few more. Playing will feel great because it will give us an opportunity to test new material from Mixed Messages. Playing them for a live audience before we put them on the album will add another step to the writing process. It may even help us eliminate some of the songs that aren't as good as they should be.

Our writing is hitting a sweet spot. The first few weeks are always difficult, a form of renewing muscle memory. We are close now. Momentum will soon take hold and carry us all the way to recording. Each step we take is another opportunity to move out of the shadows. We're doing our best to renew courage every day until we're fully exposed.