Mixed Messages Day 27: Juggling

One of the most difficult parts of the creating Mixed Messages is the idea of juggling. We juggle the concept, the songs, coding the website, the writing, practicing, telling others about the project, keeping a tight budget, and maintaining flow, all while doing day-to-day work outside of the music in order to earn the privilege of sharing. It's hard because I always feel like my time should to be put in another place: When I'm coding, I know that my singing abilities diminish, and when I'm writing, I know that it's likely that I haven't told enough people about the music. 


During the writing session today, the amount of juggling felt overwhelming, like there were too many loose ends to hold. Outside work took more time than expected, and I felt disappointed because I didn't give enough attention to the songs. As I felt rushed, not much progress was made. So to make up for it, I'm putting in a night session to maintain consistency. If I can get one verse in draft form before midnight, I'll be happy. Small steps, made regularly.


It seems like learning to juggle is an art form in and of itself, an additional ability to learn within the larger project. When feeling overwhelmed, it's best not to panic, but to gently keep the parts in motion. Keep moving in rhythm.