Mixed Messages Day 28: Discomfort

Creative memory kicked in during practice. Finally, I've been waiting for it to happen! The song we are working on, Mixed Messages Demo #25, didn't feel right. Until this point, if we hit discomfort, we would have stopped, and not pushed forward. We would have settled, failed to dig deep, and called an end to practice, but not today. When the song came to an impasse, I remembered writing in Cleveland, writing weekly in 2013, and grinding it out early in the morning and late evening.


We felt the tension of an emotionally unsatisfying song. We sat with the pain. We asked questions. And once we get together next week, we will make changes. That's how we used to do it: lay down a bad draft as fast as possible, notice all the problems, and fix them one-by-one. Laugh at perfection, and move forward. The progress feels great, and repeated progress is momentum. We've got that now.


Discomfort normally tips off fear, which leads to being stuck in a holding pattern, but discomfort is actually a sign that you're onto something. It means that you're exploring the unknown, going a little further than the last attempt. Once it comes, it's an opportunity to get excited! Once it comes, it should be embraced.


Thankfully, after 28 days of standing in the same place, the holding patterns are over.