Mixed Messages Day 29: Wide vs. Narrow

I spent the afternoon rewriting the drums and vocals to Mixed Messages Demo #25, the song we started yesterday. The momentum we created carried over. We are now operating with a narrow frame, our attention on the specifics. The song is still a bit of a mystery. It has a direction, but its voice and tone have yet to be defined. Even though a verse, chorus, and bridge need to be completed, I feel good. I haven't been this focused since the completion of our last album. I'm lost in the music, working out the details second by second.


As we wrap up the first thirty days of the Mixed Messages, our creative perspective is the middle of a change. When beginning, I always use a wide lens. I try to take divergent, unrelated ideas and let them collide, in an attempt to pull the pieces together to make art that isn't predictable. As soon as there's a frame, each session becomes a lesson about concentration, about zooming in. Do the parts deliver maximum impact? Is the recording precise to the millisecond? 


The shift is from a wide to a narrow perspective. This stage is all about execution.