Mixed Messages Day 32: Overtime

I'm just getting ready to make music, it's late. Work unrelated to the album took my creative attention this afternoon. There wasn't a second to spare, no extra energy left to write or practice. So that means a night session, working overtime. I can't miss a day, that's not an option. No matter how difficult, consistency maintains momentum. Without it, made up inventions like waiting to be inspired happen. Without it, I'll sit around for months without any progress.

Night sessions can go either way. Sometimes I feel at peace, and will play for hours without an interruption. Sometimes I'm too drained to be open, stumbling over fragments, unable to connect them. I'm not sure how this session will go. All I know is I'd like to be able to finish writing the album in a total of six months. We are going to need to move to meet that deadline. For that reason, we need to make the most of each session, as we are a month in, and a track list for the album has yet to be determined.

Overtime is about consistency and heart. Consistency meaning showing up, but also how you show up. I always ask these questions: Did I give enough effort? Was I honest? We're my reasons and intentions the right ones? Did I let fear undermine the dialogue, relationship and art? Did I let fear pull me from becoming more of myself?

I ask these questions to make sure I'm not deluding myself. Over-time means history, and history is a collection of our experiences. I want my collection to be generous and honest. I want mine to show great improvement from putting in the effort.