Mixed Messages Day 33: Resolve

Two minutes in, that's when we changed direction.

We continued to work on the track we started last week, Mixed Messages #25. After forgetting it for the weekend, it lost some of it's magic. With new ears, all of its imperfections became clear. That's always the way it goes. With music or writing, you think you've found an emotion, or the right wording, then once revisited, it's gone, and you're left chasing what you thought you had. If all goes well, if you hang in the space between, it's possible to catch the feeling again. But most days, it's disappointment. It's never as good as you'd like, or as smooth as you imagined. That's what leads to tension.

Two minutes in, that's when we changed the tone.

Tension is an underlying theme of our album -- the stress of trying to make change, of being close, but never there. The tension is a result of trying to move from where I was to where I wanted to be. Tension will pull you towards a destination, but will create stress as a byproduct, and that stress leads to mistakes. Tension is present in all Mixed Messages.

Two minutes in, that's when we found resolve.

Closer is what we're looking for. It's the loose ends that are unsatisfying, the distance we were unable to cover. As soon as it's a no, or an impossible, we can move forward, but the lingering maybe that never gets to yes, the could have been that is still a remote possibility, those are difficult to deal with. It's true about songwriting, too. How close can we get to what was imagined before we give up? How long can we let it linger? Can we find a resolution?

Two minutes in, the bridge changed the direction, we rediscovered the feeling we were after, and the song was complete.

Resolve is knowing that perfect is impossible, but if you give it your all, there will be no regrets. Because when you try, eventually, the pieces make sense, even if they form a picture different from what was dreamed of to begin with.