One of the hardest parts of making an album is creating a story that flows. Speaking in feelings, connecting what's disconnected, and stumbling along until the loose ends make meaning. 


When working on our current album, we struggled over and over with a song that didn't seem to fit. It was one we didn't want to give up, but there was no place for it. 


Songwriting is exceptionally strange in that songs are ideas that need to come out. Sometimes it doesn't matter who they pick, but the song is going to choose someone, regardless. 


As artists, the struggle is to eliminate all the barriers we put up to allow the words and sounds to work through us and get to others, to take down the blockades that keep us from understanding, from knowing what it means and where it will  go. 


In this case, it meant rearranging the track listing, and rearranging it again. But even  when hanging on and circling back, it still felt awkward and incomplete, no matter where we tried to put the song. 


After a week long fight, all the barriers were eliminated, and the reasons shown. 


The song founds its place.