In 13 years of making music, the current album we are working on is the hardest creative experience of our lives. What has made it difficult is the feeling of standing still. Progress isn’t coming as easy. Usually, albums take us about six months to write, but we have been working on this one for nearly three years. With each breakthrough, we feel a greater feeling of something being off. The experience can most be described as a feeling similar to treading water.


Prior to this album, I used to view treading water as a negative. I could never find any redemption in fighting to stay afloat, always associating it with struggle and wasted motion.


But after three years of working on the same album, I’ve come to believe that treading can be a positive. Sometimes art making is about being able to hang around long enough to complete the idea. With that in mind, treading can be transformed from a struggle into a way to conserve energy when taking time to make sure that the art feels right, when working through the subtle, but meaningful details.


When the storm comes, it’s okay to tread. Just try not to fight yourself in the process.