Truth seeking

After months of writing we have finished the tracklist for our second album. The writing process has been painful, slow and unforgiving. Nothing has come easy. 


There has been second guessing, dancing with the unknown, and on most days, coming away feeling dissatisfied. 


Is it good enough? Does it expand the possible? Can we fall in love with the songs over and over or do they lose more and more with each listen? 


Are we reaching beyond what we are capable of or rehashing where we've already been? Are we taking the easy way out or beginning again? Are we continuing to hide or showing what's within? Are we relying on what works or taking risks? 


While we still have edits to make and writing to complete before we head to the studio to record, we are closer than we were. 


We will keep pushing until we get to what's true.


(Really looking forward to sharing with everyone. Maybe we will put up some demos in the coming weeks)